Have you ever imagined yourself having thick, rich, long and beautiful hair? I have and today I can say it is a reality! If I managed to achieve this result it means it is possible and anyone can achieve it. I have read and heard here and there that hair length and thickness depend on factors such as genetics, hair types, race and so forth. I am not a scientific to refute such information, however all I am saying is that regardless of these factors, it is possible to grow thick long hair. Consistency in your hair regimen is key to growing thick, long hair.

Consistency in the haircare is crucial to grow hair to its fullest. We need to have a weekly hair care routine whereby we wash, deep condition, seal the moisture and style our hair. These steps are extremely important in making our hair care routine effective. The more we treat our hair, the more conditioned it will be and the more growth we will notice over the months. Numerous benefits are attached to a consistent haircare routine namely elasticity, shrinkage, manageability, moisture, softness, rapid growth, thickness and volume.

In addition, besides having a consistent haircare regimen, healthy eating habits are also important to grow hair. Drinking a lot of water, eating healthy food from green vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals to protein-based food also contribute to growing strong and beautiful hair. There is no magic in growing hair, dedication, perseverance, patience and consistency will help achieving thick and voluminous hair.

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